"Katie makes you feel so welcome. Her massages are amazing. She tailors the oils to you needs and the massage table is heated. I feel so much better after visiting Katie. I highly recommend her, and her treatments are excellent value."
Layla - January
"What a lovely, relaxing experience at ReTreat - 60 minutes of aromatherapy heaven. Katie was very welcoming and thorough, and tailored my treatment perfectly to my specific needs. I would thoroughly recommend and will definitely be back"
Emily - April
"Every time I have an appointment at ReTreat, I come out feeling on top of the world! A combination of Katie's professionalism & skill as a therapist & the tranquil surroundings of ReTreat makes each visit sheer joy & a must to keep up with life!!"
Caroline - May
"I had the best massage ever today with Katie!. I arrived knotted up and stressed and left feeling so relaxed and blissful. I loved the way Katie took time to get a sense of what was going on and tailored the aromatherapy oils accordingly. I’m hooked. Thank you Katie"
Sarah – September
"I can heartily recommend ReTreat Hove for a fabulously relaxing and beneficial massage experience. Professional, kind and eases the strains away. Thank you very much Katie Stanton!!!!! The pain has now eased dramatically, due to you increasing my circulation beautifully. Very grateful."
Kay – July
"Katie has a warm & natural manner, so therefore it’s easy to build a rapport with her. Good listening & communication skills. She enabled me to feel relaxed, always felt looked after. She has a genuine enthusiasm & passion for massage. For my treatment Katie blended the oils in front of me, this made me feel involved in my treatment.

I felt the stress in my body melt away during my treatment, my breathing slow down, & benefited greatly. Katie’s head massages were amazingly uplifting, after all the relaxation!"
Maggie – May
"Wonderful massage Thank you Katie. I slept really well last night"
Julie – July
"A brilliant experience. People have a lot to gain from treatments from you. "
Claire – March
"Katie has a natural gift for massaging and alternative therapy. She is incredibly conscientious. During my treatment she easily identified areas of the body that are knotted and was able to use the correct pressure that I needed to remove these knots. Katie has a natural gift for massage. "
Virginia – March
"Katie is calm, capable, and knowledgeable. She explains what she is doing and why she is doing it, which all made perfect sense to me. She is enthusiastic, understanding and capable of adapting her massage to suit my needs, always checking to see if the massage pressure was too much or too little. Excellent on every count."
Jack – April
"Felt amazing, I have never had this kind of treatment before but I feel so relaxed and would definitely come again."
Emily – May
"Excellent massage, perfect pressure."
Anon – May


"Katie is very professional and also warm and welcoming and nicely focussed on your needs. The environment is lovely and peaceful. I had a wonderful reflexology treatment and I can confirm that Katie has great hands and excellent technique. (I’m quite fussy with treatments being an ex massage therapist!) Thoroughly recommended - go see her!!"
Sue - January
"I have received several treatments from Katie, as she has helped me with an ankle injury. Each appointment has been a pleasant, unhurried experience, with Katie clearly interested in my overall well-being. I’ve already experienced a notable improvement and would thoroughly recommendation Katie’s ReTreat."
Tania - January
"I have regular reflexology treatments. I have always found Katie to be very professional in her approach and the treatments enormously beneficial in maintaining a healthy circulation in my lower limbs, which is very important as I have Type 2 Diabetes"
Andrea - May
"Wow! Had THE most amazing experience this afternoon with the fabulous reflexology treatment. I feel so relaxed and chilled out tonight. Thank you Katie for making me feel so comfortable today. Will be in touch very soon."
Emma – August
"For the first time in months I have woken up without having to get my husband to help me move because I am in so much pain. Usually I have to get him to help as my lower back seizes overnight. The difference today is incredible. You are brilliant."
Melody – July
"Probably the best reflexology treatment I have had. Excellent pressure and techniques. Really very effective."
Caroline – April
"Relaxed – You are a star!"
Hannah – December
"Katie always uses good pressure in sessions – I tend to opt for treatments slightly firmer with a higher level of pressure. Katie is always able to identify tender spots during reflexology sessions and is good at asking whether the pressure needs to be adapted if the areas are particularly tender and adapts to suit my pain threshold and the level of work that is needed on the area.

Katie always displays a high level of professionalism throughout and has a very calming and confident approach to her work making you feel completely at ease. She’s also very good at listening to any problem or concerns I have that come to light during the treatments. "
Kerry – May
"I slept like a dream last night it was fantastic!

Thank you so much and I cannot wait for my next app."
Donna - June
"I slept for 6 hours which is unheard of then just looked at the clock and went back to sleep until the alarm went off!!! I feel so much better."
Sandra - June
"Katie always makes it easy to relax during a treatment."
Julia – January
"Quality reflexology performed professionally with positive outcomes. I am so pleased that I have been having reflexology sessions from Katie. I could not have expected a better outcome."
Russ – ME Sufferer – March
"After a course of reflexology sessions I have felt much stronger in my walking and I am moving faster. I no longer need to use my walking stick. I walk with more confidence. With MS you never know how you are going to feel from one day to the other but I am convinced the treatments have really made a difference."
Sarah – MS sufferer June

Body Massage

"I've been a regular client of Katie's for over a year and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Every treatment begins with a warm welcome and consultation before she works her magic. She is an expert masseuse and has been incredibly accommodating about fitting me in for last-minute massages when I have been incredibly knotted up! Her customer service is impeccable and she is considerate enough to always follow up to make sure the treatment was effective."
Sarah - Sept
"Slept great last night, only thing that woke me was my alarm!. Feeling like I have got my energy back."
Paul - December
"I feel like a new man, my back, neck and shoulders are so relaxed."
Michael – December
"It has been excellent for me to experience how having regular massages can have a positive effect on my training and well being. I had ongoing issues with my back due to existing injuries and see a physio every so often. I saw him at the end of the treatment sessions and his comment was that my back was the easiest it has ever been to realign. He commented that my massage therapist had done a good job. I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending Katie to others."
Leanne – March
"Katie has provided a very enjoyable and professional service that I feel has had a real benefit to my wellbeing. I would strongly recommend her to other people."
Giles – January
"I felt I was thoroughly cared for, pressure was firm."
Anon – March
"Amazing, relaxing massage. Time spent on my back really relaxed the tension."
Vivienne – December

Pregnancy Massage

"Perfect pregnancy massage. Very relaxing. Would recommend."
Holly - January
"Heavily pregnant and suffering from various aches and pains, I went along to Katie for the first time for a pregnancy massage. Not only did I feel calm in her beautiful garden surroundings but Katie's professional approach to my wants and needs was very impressive. She took care of me by asking what position was best for me and my bump, and made sure I stayed comfortable throughout the whole treatment. I left feeling refreshed and lighter on my feet. Thank you!"
Maddy - June
"I felt great yesterday, surprisingly energetic! Thanks for a wonderful massage."
Anna – July

Thermal Auricular Therapy

"As soon as I woke up I could hear sounds I knew were there but couldn't hear before, like the cat snoring on our bed and noises outside. Before the treatment it felt as though there was cotton wool in my ears and there was also a feeling of pressure. Those feelings have very much improved.

I haven't once asked my partner to repeat something he's said, which is very unusual.

The tinnitus is still there slightly but it wasn't as noticeable yesterday."
Caroline – June
"As a result of my treatment my hearing has significantly improved. I have had to turn down the volume of the TV by 12 points! The ear candling definitely worked."
Jo – July

Indian Head Massage

"Have just had my first head massage with Katie. The setting is beautiful and peaceful and I felt so welcome! Katie is very attentive and made the most gorgeous massage wax for me during my massage listening to all my various needs! I left feeling totally at ease and relaxed! I will definitely be back and recommending to friends and family!"

"Katie is calm, capable, and knowledgeable. She explains what she is doing and why she is doing it, which all made perfect sense to me. She is enthusiastic, understanding and capable of adapting her massage to suit my needs, always checking to see if the massage pressure was too much or too little. Excellent on every count."

Jack – April

Aromatherapy treatment


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